I met and began working with Kara five years ago after signing up for my first Ironman triathlon. For quite some time I had been wanting to get some nutritional counseling. After an initial session to determine key metrics such as height, weight and body composition we got to the business of what it takes to properly fuel me specifically to support the training regimen required for such an undertaking. I was educated on the nutritional attributes of the foods I was eating and in some cases, given healthier alternatives that would provide optimum nutrition and allow for fat loss. I came away with valuable literature to support the changes I ended up making and I still subscribe to many of the critical “rules of thumb” I learned. In the course of the six months leading up to the race I lost over 20 pounds and toed the starting line in the best shape of my life. Later, I had some nutritional testing done by Kara and learned about food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies that we addressed through supplementation and cleansing. For example, poor protein assimilation (in my case) wreaks havoc on my ability to recover from the day’s workout and prepare my body for the next days session. We adjusted eating patterns and did a course of supplementation to improve the situation. I took a grocery tour which helped me find healthy ways of changing eating patterns and food preparation. As in the work we did some years ago, I again benefited from developing some key guidelines that I will be able to use for the rest of my life to sustain the health and well being I have achieved the last few years.


I am not sure it’s possible to convey just how much working with Kara over this past year has meant to me. Not only as a triathlete attempting to take on my first Ironman distance event, but as a person struggling to make nutritional changes. In the process Kara has helped me achieve something that I will continue throughout the rest of my life - if it weren’t for your support and guidance I would forever be known as the “Pop-Tart” girl. Kara’s nutritional philosophies are pretty straight forward - eat a large variety of minimally processed foods consisting of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts. As I struggled to incorporate these changes into my life, Kara were there to help me discover the possible reasons for these difficulties and made sure I sought out the necessary resources to help overcome the obstacles. I am forever grateful!


Kara has been key to uncovering some significant and hidden road blocks in my health that have been so frustrating to me for a long time. She has provided appropriate and simplified information that I feel straight-on addresses and attacks the various deficiencies that have kept me from optimal health.


Kara has made some nutritional and dietary recommendations that have made a definite impact on my energy levels and overall well-being. She’s an attentive listener and passionate about quality of life. I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in improving their health.


I really enjoyed Kara’s weight loss/nutrition class. She presents the material in a user-friendly way with no judgments about your current food plan. She has detailed knowledge of the multitude of factors that can effect weight loss and overall health and was able to answer every question the class had - with answers we could understand. She seemed genuinely concerned with helping each client to be the healthiest possible version of themselves.