Front CoverThe Healthy Weight Eating Program & Cookbook shows you how to lose or maintain a healthy weight and keep metabolic disorders at bay while enjoying the pleasures of food and living life. Losing or maintaining a healthy weight does not have to be boring. Kara's 100 page program & cookbook contains the information you need to improve your health and physical appearance while learning to eat well and enjoy food. 



Her Bonafides

Kara Kroeger is a graduate of the American Health Sciences University and the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical Studies. For twelve years she has passionately focused on improving peoples' health with her valuable services. 

While meeting her clients where they are, she works to creatively inspire change by enhancing one's connection with food and how it affects the body.

Kara has worked as a nutritionist with a variety of clients through her own private practice, as well as in integrative medical settings with leading alternative medical doctors.  She has taught classes at the culinary arts at the innovative Central Market in Austin. She has been an instructor and personal dietary coach at Pure Austin Fitness and Outdoors.

Working in cooperation with her clients, she has helped them greatly improve common health issues such as insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, food intolerances, adrenal exhaustion, elevated blood pressure and lipids, and neurochemical imbalances. Additionally, many athletes have benefited from Kara's services with improved performance and enhanced endurance. 

Kara, also a chef and author of The Healthy Weight Eating Program & Cookbook has a true appreciation for delicious food and unique, easy cooking techniques. Kara is a nutritional chef for private clients, catered events, and works with the prominent local foods supper club, Dai Due.  This in-depth culinary experience has given her an expansive knowledge of food and its preparation. She enjoys teaching her clients how to shop for and cook nutritious and inspiring meals and keeps a keen awareness on how to make things fun in the kitchen no matter where you are starting from. 

Additionally, Kara works to bring attention to her clients' emotional patterns, making connections between the emotions, mind, and body that accelerate improvement. She believes that nutrition is the foundation on which health is built and feels inspired to share the knowledge she has to help others.

Her Philosophy and Style

She believes nutrition is the foundation on which health is built and is deeply inspired to share her knowledge to help others. Creating health is a personal process for each of her clients and Kara is excited and grateful to be a part of that process and witness how improved health creates vitality in all areas of life!

Her approach is professional, simple, straightforward, scientific, fun, and optimistic. She looks beyond the surface and has a genuine love for people and their well-being. Kara listens intently to each clients’ needs. She helps clients become aware of their emotional patterns to make connections between the emotions, mind and body, which greatly enhances their success and personal growth. The new habits Kara’s clients learn will empower them through their lives to create ongoing physical and emotional health.

Her Results

Working as a team with each client, she designs plans to fit health and nourishment into busy schedules, achieve weight loss goals, decrease symptoms, prevent disease and enhance athletic performance. Many of her clients have seen great improvement with such ailments as food sensitivities/allergies, blood sugar balance, adrenal exhaustion, brain chemistry imbalances, ASD, ADD, and other metabolic syndrome issues like elevated blood pressure and lipids.

Her Experience

I am not sure it’s possible to convey just how much working with Kara over this past year has meant to me. Not only as a triathlete attempting to take on my first Ironman distance event, but as a person struggling to make nutritional changes. In the process Kara has helped me achieve something that I will continue throughout the rest of my life - if it weren’t for your support and guidance I would forever be known as the “Pop-Tart” girl. Kara’s nutritional philosophies are pretty straight forward - eat a large variety of minimally processed foods consisting of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts. As I struggled to incorporate these changes into my life, Kara were there to help me discover the possible reasons for these difficulties and made sure I sought out the necessary resources to help overcome the obstacles. I am forever grateful!

Her Life

On a personal note Kara enjoys her friends, traveling, Austin’s live music scene, gardening, going to the farmer’s market, reading, discovering new recipes to cook, traveling, listening to NPR, sleeping, yoga, nature, learning and working to keep life balanced.